SFC Energy AG is a leading provider of direct methanol and hydrogen fuel cells for stationary and mobile hybrid power solutions.
World-leading company for mobile and off-grid energy solutions.

SFC Energy is a globally leading company specializing in mobile energy solutions and power management for the clean energy & mobility, defense & security, oil & gas and industrial markets.


BG Systems, Inc. now provides a line of joysticks, force transducers, micro-controller boards, and custom integrated control solutions.

BG Systems provide a solution to the demand for high-reliability precision input devices in the military and commercial visual simulation field. BG Systems is now a leading supplier of high-end control devices to both the commercial and defense sectors.


ALEXANDER ELECTRIC specialized in development and manufacture of AC/DC and DC/DC power supply units and blocks, to extremely harsh environmental conditions.

ALEXANDER ELECTRIC is also manufacturing of Compact Power Converters and blocks of new generation of ultra-low profile for industrial automation, computing equipment, telecommunications and communications.


CENO Electronics has great experience in Research, Development, Design and Manufacture high-quality Slip Rings.

CENO electronics is a leading manufacturer of professional Slip Rings for various fields such as: Aerospace, Maritime, Defense, Radar, Automation, Motion simulator and Engineering machinery.

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