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About us

Alto Connect LTD is acting as an exclusive Representative and Distributor for Electromechanical, Power & Motion Components in Israel.

Our manufacturers focus on advanced & innovative technologies and products.

Alto Connect specializes in complete Design-In solutions with full technical support & high-level services from the stage of start of a new project – product, throughout its design process, engineering, prototyping and finally transfer into full production.

Together with our great manufacturer’s capabilities, we can give a full package solution & special service to all our customers.

Main Markets activity:

• Aerospace and Defense

• Medical

• Industrial

• Datacom & Telecom

Alto Connect personnel has vast experience of more than 20 years in the Israeli and international markets.
Their knowledge and experience with technological background give Alto Connect the advantage of finding the best, most reliable and cost-effective solutions to all customers.

Located in Petach-Tikva with access to major highways #5, #4, #6, Alto Connect can easily reach major customers in Israel and serve them on a daily basis.

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